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Weight loss has become a major trend in today’s society especially with the increase in those suffering from obesity. Being overweight has been linked with a variety of health complications that can be easily avoided or managed by shedding weight. This has motivated a lot of people to opt for weight loss. However, losing weight is no easy fete especially with the body working against you. To ensure that you get the desired results, it is important to ensure that you have weight loss products to help you stick to the chosen diet. This is exactly what HCG injections help you achieve. It is makes it easier for dieters to stick to the strict HCG diet and accomplish their weight loss goals faster. hcg-white-woman

What are HCG Injections?

If you are thinking about using this weight loss method, you will need to become familiar with HCG. Referred to in full as human chorionic gonadotropin, HCG is a hormone that is naturally present in the body. This means that it can be used without a lot of fear of the development of contradictions. The hormone injections are used to remedy various conditions including facilitating ovulation in women who want to get pregnant. In weight loss, HCG injections are said to help the dieter keep up with their dieting plan by resetting their metabolism. Proponents of the diet state that the injections alter the metabolism so that the dieter can stick to their diet without feeling overly hungry.

The HCG Diet

To shed weight, dieters are supposed to use the HCG diet. The diet calls for an intake of a maximum of 500 calories per day. These calories are divided up into two daily meals; lunch and supper. It is this diet, which is said to bring about weight loss in overweight people. Each of these meals can include one vegetable, one protein, bread and one fruit. As you can see, the dieter is very limited in what they can eat. Among the foods they cannot eat include fats, oils, butter, salmon and sugar, is not allowed in this diet. Sweeteners can be used instead of sugar in the HCG diet.

For those looking to reap the benefits of this low-calorie diet, it is important to note that it is not possible to get the required nutrition. Where doctors recommend this for their doctors, careful supervision is required to avoid the development of adverse health effects. The HCG diet is also unsuitable for vegans as it includes dairy products. Vegetarians will also have problems with getting enough proteins with this diet as they do not consume meat. This can, however, be covered by taking a higher quantity of skimmed milk to replace the meat.

The HCG diet is not a gluten free diet and is therefore not suitable for those who are trying to be gluten free.