The Nintendo 3DS consoles have revolutionized the gaming experience

Every avid gamer out there would love to get his hands on the Nintendo 3DS consoles. And this is because of many reasons. Here you will find many of its features, describing everything about this amazing gaming gadget and what makes it better than its counterparts.

Attractive features

  • Screens: It has several displays, unlike its predecessor. A touch display is attached to the base screen. This is different compared to the previous models because it comes with a stylus. The ten percent bigger upper screen puts up the three dimensional polarized display taking the gaming experience into a new height.

  • Compatibility: The portable, 3D capable and hand held device has a port on the backside which can accept both 3DS games and classic DS games. An MP3 player can be used around the SD card in the background. Also, 2 GB memory card is included for future use.

  • The 3D controls: This first transportable game in the video game business has six control buttons with a digital handle pad. The new analog circle pad will allow more precise movements for the character and the camera. An accelerometer and gyroscope are integrated in the console for the same reason as to ensure every single twist and turn is monitored. 3ds-dual

  • Battery: The Nintendo 3DS consoles come with a charging cradle and a Lithium ion battery which is rechargeable. Almost four hours are required to replenish it. Without plugging in charger, heavy gaming can be carried out for about three hours. For games which require less juice, about five to eight hours of backup is possible.

  • Cameras: Among the built in cameras, there is an inner single pinhole camera facing the player to take a snapshot. On the outside, two pinhole cameras are located for the purpose of new gameplay ideas and 3D photography.

  • Wireless capability: This is the first device to encourage wireless gaming. The street pass allows admirers of Nintendo to swap game information and Mii around the road. Whereas, the 3D primary device locates wireless network hotspots.

  • Mii creator: The Mii designer has many thrilling improvements Mii can be created by Gamers from scratch or generate a proper virtual representation from a photograph. The Mii software creates the cartoon figure immediately. Gamers can polish the looks with some touches.

  • 3D slider: The 3D does not work the same to everyone. So, an adjustable 3D depth slider is provided.