hCG Diet and Eating Out

Dr A.T.W Simeons’ hCG Diet has gained traction over the years. It is rapidly becoming one of the most effective diet plans for weight loss in the world. Although the style of the hCG diet is not for the weak-spirited, no one can deny the fact that it is indeed an effective diet plan.

In this article, we are going to talk about a specific matter that can plague just about anyone who is undergoing the hCG diet, or any diet for that matter: eating out.

Imagine this: it is a Friday and your buddies want to hang out. Of course, since the week has become so hectic, you and your friends could use a time out. Now, most of the time, your friends might opt for an eating fest where you enjoy delicious foods and copious amounts of beverages (alcoholic beverages to be on point).

Now, this is a typical scenario that all of the dieters face. You see, it can be especially hard to be on track with your diet when your buddies want to hang out and chill. The hCG diet is a very strict diet wherein you need to only consume as many calories for the day as possible.

Eating out, is by no means illegal while you’re on the hCG diet. It only becomes a danger to your hCG diet journey when you’re eating high-fat and high-calorie meals. You see, when you do not cook the foods you eat yourself, you endanger yourself of consuming more calories than you should.

Yes, you can tell the cook to exclude this and that, but you do not know the actual fat content that is in the foods (and if the cook uses some sort of oil which is another set of calories).

Seeing that you cannot resist hanging out with your friends and eating out, here are some tips to help you get by:

  1. Eat Less. You probably have no control as to what the gang wants to eat. You cannot control them, but you can control yourself. Just eat as little food as possible. Yes, it is tempting, but the next tip should help you get by.
  2. Talk More. Our minds are easy to manipulate if you know how to. When eating foods, one does not know the number of calories they have consumed. This can be problematic especially when you’re on the hCG diet. But, a really good tip here is to just talk more often. Talk to your friends a lot more than concentrating on what’s on the table. By doing this, you signal to your brain that you are stuffed. Plus, you can focus more on the topics you and your buddies are talking about.
  3. Consider it a Cheat. If you cannot resist the urge of eating a lot more than you should, then just consider it as your cheat day. Cheat days are a no-no when you’re on the hCG diet, but a little compromise will not hurt.

Eating out can be problematic when you’re on the hCG diet, but these tips should help you get by.