A Sneak Peek Into The New & Upcoming Games On Nintendo 3DS – Part II

In “A Sneak Peek Into The New & Upcoming Games On Nintendo 3DS – Part I”, we looked at Citizens of Earth, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DS, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Fossil Fighters: Frontier. In this part, we take a look at a few more.

Pokemon Shuffle

February is going to be a busy month for Nintendo and for gamers. In addition to the follow up on Zelda, Monster Hunter and coming up with Fossil Fighters, Nintendo 3DS will also have the Pokémon Shuffle. A free game, Pokémon Shuffle will have some takers and haters but there will not be any ignoring the game.


Pokémon Shuffle is going to have company in IronFall. This game might be fun but one has to be a pessimist since there is no dearth of strategy games or role playing games. IronFall will have its visuals run at 60 frames per second which is certainly intriguing but one wonders what special game play the handheld console may offer. However, the additional analogue nub that the new Nintendo 3DS is coming out with may be the key here.

Story of Seasons

Set to release in March, Story of Seasons is a pleasant break from the loud shooting, bright frames and endless action. Story of Seasons takes you back to the village life. Farming, waiting for harvest, tilling the field and reaping what you sow are what you would be doing in this game.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon

Dungeons and mysteries go hand in hand and when you blend them in a role playing game, it paves the way for something enticing about Etrian Mystery Dungeon. Set to release in April, the game will certainly be a cross-over drawing from Mystery Dungeons but one cannot be sure of how similar or dissimilar it would be.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles is possibly a winner in the making. When it releases in April, it would be put up to test and there would be comparisons drawn with many games, including Super Smash Bros. But Xenoblade Chronicles might just be in its own league, especially with the new Nintendo 3DS and its controls.

SteamWorld Heist

In a world where most developers tend to become formulaic and are unwilling to let go a structure and form that has worked well for them, SteamWorld Heist tries to prove everyone wrong. Despite the success of earlier games of Image & Form, SteamWorld Heist is not going to follow the same formula. There would be similarities but the switch from the platforming game play to strategy mode whenever there is a confrontation with the villains is certainly something to watch out for.