If you are embarrassed with that extra tire around your waist or the bulging belly of yours, it is probably time for you to start a HCG injection diet program. This program is a combination of consuming a diet which is extremely low on calories along with the administering of the HCG injections that have gained enough reputation of burning body fat seamlessly. The fat loss that is caused by the HCG diet program is not only rapid, but is highly sustainable too.

How does it help?

While the traditional recommendation was 500 calories every day, modern doctors permit the calories intake limit to go up to 800 calories when you do the HCG diet program. It is obvious that with such low calories, the body would be deprived of required energy levels. This is where the HCG injections come into the picture. They help in burning the non-essential fat from the hips, thighs or the abdomens to release the energy that is falling deficit with the HCG diet program. This way, without touching the good fats of the body (the ones that protect the organs and are essential for survival) or causing any adverse effect on the muscle tissues, the HCG injections bring about weight reduction easily and rapidly.

The four phases of the program

The HCG diet program has four phases. For best results, it is important that all the four phases are allowed to be completed. A short description of each of the phases is given below.

Phase 1 – Also known as the loading phase, phase one is carried out by building up the fat stores in the body. This is made possible by consumption of high calorie foods over a certain period of time. This phase should be over in a maximum of 7 days.

Phase 2 – Lasting between 23 to 40 days, phase 2 is the most challenging phase of the HCG injections diet program. It is during this phase when the calorie consumption is drastically curtailed leaving you eat only a little amount of prescribed food during the course of the day. While you may think that you would feel hungry by eating so less, HCG injections would ensure that your appetite is under control and you do not eat anything more than what is prescribed. It is during this phase when you will be taking daily shots of HCG along with the controlled diet.

Phase 3 – This phase would last for about two weeks and does not require you to take the HCG shots any longer. Your diet would be returning to somewhat normal, but you would still be under guidance about what to eat and what to avoid.

Phase 4 – The last phase is all about maintaining your weight. During this phase you will have to restrict yourself from getting back to your old eating habits as that will ruin the whole benefit of the HCG diet program.

How much weight loss is expected?

With HCG injection diet program, one can expect to lose about 1 to 2 pounds daily. You read it right! You can actually lose that much weight daily which means that in a matter of one month, you would stand the chances of losing 30 to 50 pounds without breaking your bones at the gym or spending hours on the treadmills.

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